• . . . Prime?

    ...Prime? was born of the need to do something different, to experiment. I wanted to create intricate compositions but deliver them in a mellower tone.

    After I found the right guitar, I sat down and looked at the notes and archival recordings I had made in the past 3 years with fresh eyes (and ears). There I rediscovered the seeds for a song about belonging ("I Come Back to You"), a song that emulated African instruments ("Sofia, Mali"), a ballad ("Blossoms of Red"), a jazzy bagatelle ("Little BIG Thing"), a song about an energetic kid ("Ali's Dance")... All these made their way onto ...Prime? and all of which I am happy to finally be able to share.


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  • One Man Army

    One Man Army (the instrumental sessions) was written while I was looking for a band. Rather than twiddling my thumbs while waiting for ad responses, I put all of my energy and desire to rock into an independent album, composing and playing everything from the guitar, to the bass, to the drums. They say if you build it, they will come, well, this is if you record it, they will rock! The music and melodies on One Man Army take inspiration from bands like Killswitch Engage, Dillinger Escape Plan, Karnivool, and Protest the Hero.


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Let's rock.


Album Teaser

Get a taste of the rock goodness on my second album One Man Army, now available on Bandcamp.

Video Lesson

Learn the guitar parts and theory behind Killswitch Engage's "Reject Yourself."

Video Lesson

Learn the guitar parts and theory behind Killswitch Engage's "Break the Silence."

Video Lesson

Learn the guitar parts and theory behind Killswitch Engage's "Eye of the Storm."

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  • Boyan Bo is an American-Bulgarian performing and recording guitarist currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    His favorite things still include learning new guitar licks, yoga, cooking, and working his way through all 100 beers on the wall.

    Boyan Bo's second album One Man Army was completed in 2014. The album was released on April 4th, 2015 on BandCamp. The music inhabits the world of heavy metal, a style where this artist feels most at home. \mm/

    Boyan Bo's debut album Prime? was released in 2011. This acoustic/ambient guitar album includes 10 compositions that reflect the artist's diverse influences – from world music to progressive rock. Prime? is still being discovered by new fans, for which the artist is immensely grateful.


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